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What we can provide?
  1. Low Voltage Installatins
    We can install all aspects of Low Voltage with the exception of fire sprinklers and Alarms.
  2. Technical Change Updates
    All products specified fopr Low Voltage Installation are replaced with the later and updated models during the construction phase. All changes in equipment are with owner developer approval.
  3. Latest Technology
    We strive to maintain the edge on emerging technology for all processes including Cellular, Public Safety Radio, Enterprise WiFi and Network Solutions.
  4. Data Collecting and Testing
    When required for permits and final testing of Cellular, RF and Public Safety Radio systems, all testing and certifications will be completed.
  5. Process Communication
    Includes foreman;s meetings and other required occasions to maintain a flow of communication with the project owners and contractors
  6. Network Control
    All installed networks comply with current technology and offer firewall and security security protection with remote monitoring by owners.
  7. The Price is the Price
    We pride ourselves on through pricing of all aspects and phases of our quotes to avoid costly over runs and Change Orders.
  8. Always Looking Ahead
    Our team takes ownership of challenges set forth by the developer to solve the feature or requirement.
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